Best Kratom Strains and Where to Buy Them

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As you may already know by now, there are a number of Kratom strains available in the market today.  You wonder, “can I take any variant?”. Or, is there such a thing as the right fit when it comes to the type of Kratom strain you should be taking?

While sharing the same DNA, Kratom strains have different specializations and chemical compositions.  They come in 4 main colors such as green, red, yellow, and white.  There’s one that is good for relieving pain much better, another could be a great relaxant or an excellent source of vibrant energy.

Of course, not everyone needs a stimulant or a sedative for that matter.  Depending on what your purpose of intake is, you would want a Kratom strain that will enable you to get its fullest potential.   And the good thing is, many sellers are offering various strains, so buying your specific strain won’t be so difficult.

Kratom users have taken to drinking the tea variant to enliven their day instead of the usual cup of joe.  They say that the boost of energy they get can be through the roof compared to caffeine.

If you’re the type who suffers from mild depression or anxiousness,  the euphoric properties will surely benefit your situation.  If taken in the right doses, you won’t have the negative side effects that are common in pharmaceutical medicines.

With the teeming alkaloids in Kratom strains, you can relieve your joint pains, muscle aches, etc..  And the sedative properties help calm frazzled nerves and achieve restful sleep.

By coming out with this article, you will hopefully learn more about each Kratom strain.  As they say, knowledge is power.  Use this to make an informed decision as to which Kratom strain will work best for you.

The many faces of Kratom

What makes Kratom so fascinating is the presence of different strains, each promising to serve its purpose of improving the quality of your life.  There’s at least one Kratom strain that will fit you.

For recreational use, taking it in small doses will get you moving more than ever.  You have a sharper focus and better social skills just because you’re bursting with energy, good energy that is.

Chronic pain sufferers stand to benefit from the analgesic properties of Kratom.  As an alternative treatment, it alleviates withdrawal symptoms, combats stress and fatigue, treats cough and diarrhea, among many others.

So the names Red Bali Kratom, Green Malay Kratom, Red Bonero Kratom, etc. sound quite exotic, aren’t they?  Since Kratom is cultivated in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia, the locality is usually attached to the type of strain.  And as such, it has its own potency levels that are important factors to consider when buying your Kratom strain.

I mentioned a while ago about the four different colors of Kratom strains.  Each color, may it be red or yellow, has slight variations on the effects it produces on one’s body and mind.  And it doesn’t mean that color is restricted to a particular strain.  In fact, a Kratom strain can have different colors as well.  The red and yellow Maeng Da Kratom, for example, are better at sedation.  The white and green variants can generate higher stimulation on an individual.

While all Kratom strains have alkaloids present in them, everyone has varying concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine.  These variances affect how a Kratom strain delivers its potency.  As such, some strains work best as an analgesic or a stimulant compared to others.

Let’s flay each Kratom strain out there so that you’ll know what to buy for you.

Thai Kratom Strain

Best for:  Euphoria and stimulation

Great for recreational and medicinal uses, Thai Kratom proves to be a favorite among many enthusiasts.  This particular Kratom strain has a high alkaloid content such as Mitragynine.  It is responsible for its stimulating properties that can help in boosting energy and mind focus.

If you’re a person who suffers from fatigue or gets tired easily, this one’s your best bet to getting more things done in a day.  In fact, Thai people engaged in hard labor use this strain for strength during prolonged hours of work.  Increased productivity and more vibrant energy usually result in improved cognitive functions as well.

Offhand, it’s the green and white variants that produce the euphoric benefits while the red color is great for pain relief.  Given the many alkaloid nuances, the effects may still vary among individuals.  It’s advisable to try each color and see which clicks for you.

Maeng Da Kratom Strains

Best for:  Simultaneous pain relief and stimulation

We talked about potency earlier and who better to represent it in the Kratom collection than the Maeng Da.  This strain is beaming with Mitragynine that provides reprieve from the pain brought about by either sore muscles or a chronic ailment.

What makes it even more interesting is that, it stimulates at the same time it takes away your pain.  Some Kratom strains that are better analgesics will have calm and relaxation as resulting side effects.  With Maeng Da, your pain is out and with the influx of vibrant energy, you’ll be able to regain your rhythm in a heartbeat.

As far as origins and purity go, the jury seems to still be out on this topic.   Some were brave enough to declare that the Maeng Da is not what it claims to be.  It is said that it is only a blend and not a real Kratom strain. Maeng Da apparently means pimp grade in Thai.  It was alleged that through a crafting process, Maeng Da was created as such to meet the demand for a stronger Kratom that can help the most labor-intensive workers in their daily jobs.

And with meticulous selective breeding and artificial methodologies, cultivators of Kratom made it possible to have a highly potent Kratom variant that will provide excellent stimulation.  They were able to come up with Maeng Da which is a strong mood enhancer and is even more capable to providing laser-sharp focus and vibrant burst of energy.

At this point, however, many variants came after the Maeng Da, each one-upping the predecessor in the potency department. Despite all, Maeng Da remains to be one of the top Kratom strains that’s excellent not only for those who do physical labor, but also jobs that require a lot of mind concentration.

I also mentioned that the beauty of this strain (or blend) lies in its combined powers of pain relief and mood enhancement.  But apparently, frequent use of this Kratom strain for pain will desensitize the user pretty fast.

Borneo Strained Kratom

Best for:  Relief from stress and anxiety

We know that Kratom is often named after its source.   Borneo has the ideal climate for Kratom cultivation.   As such, the Borneo Kratom is largely imported by Westerners given its high quality.    Its unique chemical makeup of having more 7-hydroxymitragynine makes it the best sedative among other Kratom strains.

Just like other strains, the Borneo has different colors as well.  It is said the red vein variant will provide the best pain relief among all other strains.  Bali and Indo Kratoms seem to pale in comparison.  You can throw in the green vein for good measure.  Other colors such as the white variant, is popular for its euphoric benefits.

Again, sedation is the specialty of Borneo Kratom so this (particularly the green one) is highly recommended for combating stress and anxiety,  That said, it becomes a great alternative to sleeping pills for insomnia.  The low Mitragynine profile also proves to be useful for easing into withdrawal from opiates.

While sedation is the common effect among the different color varieties of this strain, there is only one exception, which is the white Borneo. It acts more as a stimulant and is also capable of providing slight reprieve from pain.

You will be glad to find out that this Kratom strain has significantly less negative side effects across other variants.

Indo Kratom Strain

Best for:  Longer pain relief with lesser side effects

One of the oldest strains that still exists, Indonesian Kratom thrives in wet, humid and sunny conditions, enabling it to grow abundantly.   As such, Indo Kratom is widely accessible in the Us.   Interestingly, some sort of artistic touches are employed in the cultivation, harvest and drying process of this popular strain.

Generally, Indo Kratom has a high content of 7-OH-mitragynine and very few Mitragynine, which makes it a great way to provide relaxation and mood elevation to an individual.  When it comes to boosting energy, it doesn’t do as well as Thai Kratom or other strains.

Another notable feature of this strain is that the pain relief it provides is much longer when compared to other Kratom strains with pain-relieving properties.  In particular, the Red Indo is the top choice for this task.   The pain relief also goes hand in hand with its ability to sedate the person.  This makes it a treatment of choice for anxiety as well.

It is worthy to enlist the following forms of Indo Kratom, which you can consider:

Super Indo Kratom –  Particularly the green variant, it is a pain killer, relaxer, and energy booster in one super neat Kratom extract.

Red Vein Indo Kratom –  This variant packs a lot of punch with its analgesic and mood-enhancing properties.   It is not advisable if you’re looking at having more energy unless you plan to create your own blend by mixing it with other strains.

White Vein Indo Kratom – If you’re after stimulation, you can count on this Kratom variant.  It can also treat minor pains in the process.  With the less side effects, you will achieve a cleaner “after feel” that can help you deal with tedious tasks much better.

Ultimately, Indo Kratom is excellent in achieving longer relief from pain, relaxed state, sedation, and improved well-being.

Bali Kratom Stains

Best for:  pain relief at an affordable price and weight management

When you talk about mass production in the Kratom industry, this strain is at the forefront.  You won’t risk running out of its supplies anytime soon – it grows like a plague in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.  You can relieve your joint and muscle pains quite easily and affordably so.  Pretty much every Kratom seller will have the Bali Kratom in their roster.

Pain relief is at the core of the Bali Kratom.  Instead of resorting to conventional pain medication that can lead to negative side effects,  the Bali is worthy of taking its place in treating your body pains. The red variant or Red Bali as its known for, is the best for this purpose.  You have to note that it can also strongly sedate you.

The Bali Kratom can also act as an appetite suppressant, hence weight loss may be achieved.  So if you’re a constant snacker, this might be helpful in curbing those cravings throughout the day.

The white variant can be great for calm and relaxation and does not come with as much sedation as the other colors of this strain.  While the Bali should not be your go-to pick-me-upper,  the white form is the closest you’ll achieve it within this strain.  But please expect that this will have a much lesser euphoric effect than, say, Thai or even Maeng Da.

Malaysian Kratom

Best for:  balanced euphoria and energy boost

Some Kratom strains can provide high levels of either stimulation or sedation.  Malay Kratom on the hand, offers such benefits, albeit, in just the right amounts.   Most probably, the growing conditions of this strain in Malaysia make this possible to achieve.

As with other strains, the Malaysian Kratoms comes in different forms.  The Malaysian Kratom boasts of nootropic effects that can improve cognitive functioning. There’s the Super Green Malay that’s responsible for sharper focus and increased patience, which is perfect for the busy worker.  It also produces mild energetic effects that are a lot smoother compared to its Kratom siblings.

While pain relief is not the strongest point of this Kratom strain, the red and green variants can provide a considerable amount of modulation for minor pains without sedative consequences to a user.  This means you can carry on with your activities after relieving your pain, without hampering your productivity.  The white vein, although not as popular, is also a great source of energy boost that can improve overall mood.  It can even deliver a decent amount of pain killing properties as well.

Instead of using tranquilizers, you might want to use this Kratom strain to address your anxiety issues.  What’s great about this is that you get to keep your mental focus even under sedation.

Using different Kratom strains in rotation

It is common to become numb from any Kratom strain, especially if you are using it regularly.  And increasing dosage is not always the best way to deal with it as negative side effects will become inevitable,  which are kept at bay with low to moderate intake.

Kratom fatigue is real.  The best way to prevent it is to change up your Kratom strains every now and then.  Even if you are using it as medical treatment, you might want to alternate strains nonetheless.  For example, you use Indo Kratom on a Monday for its pain-relieving function, and then consume Red Malay the following day, which can still provide some pain relief, but can boost energy in the process.


I hope this article has helped you identify the Kratom strain that will be most beneficial to you.  You have to remember that Kratom strains can affect individuals differently,  While each strain has its own primary benefits, dosage and quality should be factored in as these will impact your Kratom’s efficacy.

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