Can you smoke Kratom?

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There are people who have recently taken to smoking kratom despite concerns on its perceived health effects.  Kratom leaves, which come from an evergreen tree native to Thailand and several Southeast Asian countries, are used as a pain reliever, if not as a stimulant.  Those that have discovered these benefits usually take them orally or in capsule form.  If it is perfectly fine to do this, why would smoking it be an issue then?   Seems contradictory, so we have decided to dig deep on this matter to shed some light, especially for those who are beginning to draw their conclusions on this tropical plant.

Kratom for smoking

Can you smoke Kratom?

To answer the $64 question, yes. Kratom, just like tobacco and marijuana, can be smoked for sure.  The real issue here is if smoking kratom is a better way of harnessing its benefits compared to oral intakes, such as drinking it as tea or chewing it.

Recent clinical studies on this plant show that the effects of smoking, say 2 grams of kratom, will not be the same as taking orally the same amount of leaves.  When you take one capsule of kratom, you will have to smoke an inversely proportional amount in order to match the benefits.

Simply put, a gram’s worth of capsule would be equivalent to about 10 grams of smoked leaves to be on the same level.

How to smoke Kratom and why it’s beneficial?

Smoking Kratom aids in overcoming addiction to tobacco cigarettes and opium

It may sound ironic, but smoking Kratom is a great way to avoid withdrawal symptoms when one decides to quit from addictive substances.   Taking into account what was mentioned earlier about smoking more Kratom leaves to experience benefits, it will only mean that on the other hand,  it will not have any ill effects when smoked in small amounts.  This way, you will also stop harboring the negative impact of being addicted to tobacco and opium on your body.

Smoking Kratom motivates you to get things done

When you’re in funk or just feeling lazy on some days, smoking Kratom can reduce anxiety, manage stress and enhance mood.  Your brain’s opioid receptors are activated when you smoke Kratom.  That’s why you can experience a rush of adrenaline that energizes your body to get moving.  Your dopamine and serotonin levels are heightened that help boost your motivation.  It was reported that only in producing this benefit, will either smoking or taking in Kratom in identical amounts, have apparently equal motivational effects on an individual.

Smoking Red Bali Kratom relieves your pain

People who suffer from chronic illnesses such as arthritis, joint pains, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, etc. as well as certain cancers, will gain significantly from smoking Kratom.  People in the past have used Kratom to help them deal with pain. The pain relief it provides actually comes from the alkaloids present in Kratom.   It is similar to morphine sans the addictive element.   These alkaloids activate the opiate receptors found in the central nervous system.  As a result, enkephalins and endorphins are further released, and these hormones will assist in pain modulation.

Why you should also think twice before smoking Kratom

Smoking Kratom may lead you to lung cancer

While we have enumerated the impressive benefits of smoking Kratom, unfortunately, there is a disclaimer or two.  One is it can be a lung cancer contributor.  Just like with any regular cigarettes, tar formation occurs in your lungs when you smoke Kratom. This may, unfortunately, cause cancer of the lungs.  Considering that you will need to smoke more Kratom to harvest the health benefits makes it all the worse. And needless to say, when you smoke more often, it all adds up and before you know it, you are suffering from this deadly lung disease.

Smoking Kratom Powder is just not as effective

We will reiterate, with perhaps the exception of motivational benefits, that smoking Kratom is not the best way to reap real health advantages compared to taking it orally. Yes, you will still see positive results, but then, they will not be as much. And again, if you amp up your smoking, it becomes dangerous as it will only unleash more undesirable side effects than favorable ones.

Should you still give smoking Kratom a green light?

Check if you have any existing chronic ailment/s

Are you suffering from chronic back pains, osteoarthritis, or any illness that brings unbearable pain to your body? If yes, then we would think that smoking Kratom will work for you.  You just have to know the appropriate amounts in order to manage its negative effects.  That said, we will suggest you not to smoke Kratom if you don’t have any of these chronic diseases, as well as addiction problems, or occasional mood swings.  As we have already stressed in this article, smoking Kratom in large amounts will only do more harm than good.

Check if you have other options or maybe try a different Kratom Vendor

We have established that smoking Kratom is not the most advantageous method.  As such, you might want to consider first its oral intake in either powder or capsule form.  If for some reason, any of these alternatives are not available, then you can proceed with smoking as a last resort.  Again, you have to keep your Kratom smoking in check to minimize the odds of acquiring negative side effects.

Check if you are in a situation where you need to quit from an addiction

You can benefit from light to moderate smoking of Kratom when you are in the process of breaking away from addictive substances like tobacco or opium.  The advantages will seem to outweigh the disadvantages under these circumstances.

Do you smoke Kratom?

To conclude, smoking Kratom, in general, should be ok when done occasionally, and in the right amounts if used to treat certain conditions. But with any smoking habit comes not so good consequences to an otherwise healthy person.  At the end of the day, we will rest the decision on you.

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