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Most of you are already familiar with Kratom as a health remedy for modulating pain and overcoming addiction from cigarettes and opiates.  As such, there is real demand as far as Kratom products are concerned, which prompted more sellers to present their own attractive offers, now saturating the market with everything Kratom.

Kratom fanatics can buy this substance online or from several brick and mortar stores.  It seems best to do any comparison of different forms of kratom sold in one place so we reviewed Gaia Kratom.

In view of rampant selling of fake Kratom products, which needless to say, do not have the established benefits of a genuine Kratom, there are regular customers and academic professionals who have validated the safety in consumption of certain Kratom strains.  It is then important for clients to differentiate the legit Kratom strains that are truly beneficial, from those that do nothing and this is why choosing a good kratom vendor is vital when buying kratom online.

Fake Kratom products can have undesirable side effects such as mouth dryness, nausea, dizziness, among others.  It is noteworthy to mention that each Kratom strain has a specific purpose, which you should learn about in this Gaia Kratom Review.

When Kratom is used as a treatment for addiction, tread carefully by starting off will small doses.  In order to have any real benefit, Kratom dosage should be increased as you progress with its intake.  It is required for patients who are quitting from addiction to take a total of 75 milligrams, that’s spread 4 times in a day.


As the patient begins to reap the positive effects, Kratom use should be carried on up to five years. During this period, the consequences of drug addiction are mitigated.  When this happens, you can decrease your Kratom dosage up to a gram towards the latter part of your treatment, until you can completely stop using it.  As you taper off from your Kratom intake, you will find that you will maintain your recovery much better.

When you buy Kratom online, it is natural for you to base your decision on any existing customer feedback about the product you’re eyeing on.  After all, selling Kratom in the US is unregulated, so anyone interested to purchase Kratom will have to do his own research and due diligence.

There may be ongoing clinical trials that people can subject themselves to as this may be a way to find the appropriate Kratom product for them.   As mentioned, there will be those who would collect information using different references to assess the product. Given these independent initiatives, we can only hope that there will be initial steps to study Kratom in order to maximize its full potential in being healthfully beneficial.

Customers have long been wanting a legitimate site where legit Kratom products are sold.  Thankfully, this article will serve as a review for Gaia Ethnobotanical, which is an honest-to-goodness online selling platform dedicated to a wide variety of Kratom strains.

This Gaia Kratom review will present you the qualities of this online portal, which seems to be the most reliable seller among those in the Kratom selling industry

Why should you buy Kratom from Gaia Ethnobotanical


Gaia interface is user-friendly

When you go to the Gaia Ethnobotanical homepage, you immediately see their top-selling Kratom products, followed by the latest releases.  As a site user, you can feel that excellent customer experience is foremost in their mind. Prices are displayed in the forefront, giving you quick info so you can go straight to the products that you are after.

You can also search products by category or use the site filter by origin, popularity and name.  Trending products and those that have high customer ratings are easily retrievable.  As with other e-commerce sites, you’ll just add the product to your digital shopping cart, and once you’re done with your selections, you can check out conveniently.  Note that you can do this at your own leisure.

Gaia offers multiple payment options

Debit cards and major credit cards are acceptable payment methods.  You will be assured that your card information is securely encoded in the site, which will be data encrypted.  This way, your details are protected with security protocols in place.

Another payment option that is available in Gaia Ethnobotanical is cryptocurrency. They’re offering attractive discounts by getting a substantial 20% off when you purchase any Kratom product using major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic.  As you can see, the site even promotes coinbase as their cryptocurrency payment portal.  The more options for customers, the better, even for the online seller.

Gaia sells a wide variety of Kratom strains

Do you want that Red Bali Kratom strain? Just name it, they will most probably have it, if not, you can check out the guys at Herbal Salvation Kratom.  Whatever Kratom strain you need, you can choose among their posted products, may it be a green or white one, or any strain that’s sourced from Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand.

And if you are familiar with the retail market of Kratom strains, you will notice the lower price they sell their products with.  If your $5 will get you an ounce of Kratom, that is a good deal.  And by just browsing their products, you are sure to find the Kratom product you’re looking for.

Gaia provides affiliate marketing opportunities

You’re not only looking at spending for their products online, you can also earn from it.  It’s great that their company has set up an affiliate program where you will be paid a certain percentage for any successful referrals you make. It’s normal to speak highly of their products, but getting paid for it as well is even better.

Gaia Ethnobotanical has an online affiliate dashboard where all your subscription sales are posted.  You become automatically subscribed to their monthly newsletters where you can get updates on Kratom and other useful information.  This way, you’ll never miss anything about Kratom, especially its latest products.

Gaia delivers fast

This online seller has a wide network of logistics that will get the product to you in practically no time.  The convenience of buying digitally is never having to leave your room and moments later, the product is already in your hands.

When you buy at Gaia Ethnobotanical, you can also opt for delivery on the same day, depending on where your address is.  And if you’re lucky, you can have the product you just ordered later in the day.

Most customers who have experienced this site’s delivery service has been singing praises about how on-time their deliveries are being sent.  It’s good to know that they value the fact that time is always of the essence.  They charge reasonable shipping fees and they can even waive them on some products.

Gaia values their customers

Their customer service is on point with the toll-free hotline.  You can place your orders by phone as well if that’s what you prefer.  You will get the same order processing by receiving a confirmation email and sending the product to you right away.  You can track your shipment to ensure you receive it accordingly.

And what’s great is that when you do encounter any issues with your order, the customer service agents are attentive enough to listen and solve your problem within the day.  Moreover, you can also call them to seek advice on kratom use. This kind of customer support is pretty rare in the kratom vendors world, the only other one we know is offering it would be SoCal Kratom.


Review of Best Gaia Strains of Kratom


Maeng da kratom

Maeng da is one of the oldest known kratom strains, that is highly reputable for its medicinal properties and its potent effects.  The one available on their site offers topnotch quality, and is even stronger than morphine and oxycontin.  It is by far the most sought-after kratom strain, which does a good job at reducing anxiety and depression.

It is said that you can go about your normal routine when taking a medium dose of this Kratom strain.  This is especially important to note if you are one of those who are recovering from addiction to drug substances.  That even if you’ve taken Maeng da, you can go straight to work afterwards with no side effects.

Maeng da is commonly sold in three forms, namely, powder, capsule and liquid.   Although it would take time for the strain to kick in when you ingest it using a standard dose, many have sworn by its effectiveness in relieving you of your symptoms. Some even add that there’s no drowsiness or any nausea, which you would expect from taking this substance. Other sellers such as Elephant, Extract 20:1, and Ganesh MD offer this kratom strain as well.

Bali gold kratom

Bali gold sold at Gaia Ethnobotanical is sourced from Indonesia, so you are guaranteed to receive a legit product, the potency of which, is unadulterated.  This kratom strain is known as a sedative and can also provide a decent amount of pain relief.  As such, it is good to use it at night when you have a hard time catching sleep.   It relaxes you and quells the pain, or any anxiety you may have at the same time.  If you plan to amp its analgesic properties, it is suggested to mix it with any herbal tea.  Doing this will make the taste pleasant, too.

Bali gold is sold in either power or capsule form.  It would take an hour after ingestion for the effects to manifest.  Once it does, it works to keep pain at bay for up to 5 hours.  The recommended daily dosage is four times for patients to get the full pain-relieving benefits.

Green dragon kratom

Green dragon is sourced from Thailand and is packed airtight.  You are guaranteed that you will be getting a pure strain that has been authenticated by chemists.  The Green dragon has a relaxing effect on the user and can be used to address depression and insomnia.  It can also provide you a reprieve from pain.  Its leaves have concentrated alkaloids and is said to be better than Subutex and Suboxone.

Many have gotten to like this strain because it virtually has no side effect despite a stronger dosage.  If at all, you might experience vomiting afterwards and nothing more. Just like other kratom strains, the green dragon is available in capsule and powder forms.  To benefit from its health properties, it is recommended to take about 2 grams of green dragon to boost energy and relax your muscles.

Elephant kratom

Elephant kratom is named as such because of its large leaves that resemble the big ears of an elephant.  It is a combination of white, green and red kratom that were sustainably cultivated.  That said, it is touted to be the best kratom strain, that is kept in an airtight package to maintain its potency.

Elephant kratom can alleviate your depression and provide focus to be more productive, given its euphoric and stimulant properties.  Many have experienced that it only takes about 20 minutes to feel the effects of this strain. As such, it is advised to proceed with caution on taking this product in higher doses.

Purple 8 in 1 kratom

This kratom product has a blend of 8 strains that includes white, gold, red, and green.  Needless to say, you’ll expect even more benefits with the combined power of 8 kratom strains.  That’s why, this is favored by many customers as it proves to be one of the better variants that offers great value for your money.

50X black diamond extract kratom

The product itself has premium written all over.  50X black diamond extract is said to be the most potent kratom product out there.  As such, you will get a full dose of benefits such as deep relaxation and pain relief.  At the same time, you will also experience euphoric moods and a renewed well-being.

This extract is great with treating withdrawal symptoms from addiction to opiates.  It also boasts of having very few side effects when comparing it to other kratom substances.

Red Bali kratom

Red Bali is being manufactured by many kratom sellers and is cheaper by comparison.  It can be optimized for dealing with pain, stress, and anxiety.  Some have even claimed that this can improve one’s metabolic rate as well.  Taken in low doses, it can sharpen your focus to get things done.


Final Review thoughts on Kratom and Gaia Ethnobotanical


We have discussed at length how Gaia Ethnobotanical is a trustworthy seller of legit kratom products.  While there may still be unscrupulous practices in selling fake kratom strains, it is comforting to know that you can get high-quality kratom strains from their site at reasonable prices.

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