Green Borneo Kratom

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Green Borneo Kratom belongs to the family of Kratom made from leaves with a green vein down the middle. These strains of Kratom belong the green vein family of Kratom. The Green Borneo Kratom, also known by some as the Green Vein Borneo Kratom, is a particularly effective strain of Kratom that has a lot of benefits compared to other strains of the Kratom plant. 

Some of the benefits of the Green Borneo Kratom includes (but is not limited to) muscle relaxation, stress relief, pain relief and mood enhancement. 

What Is The Green Borneo Kratom

The Green Borneo Kratom is gotten from the leaves of the Kratom tree (Mitragyna Speciosa). Since the Kratom tree is related to coffee plants, the Green Borneo shares some benefits with coffee such as the ability to increase mental stimulation and to boost energy. In fact, the Green Borneo Kratom has more health benefits than Caffeine. 

Green Borneo Kratom Effects And Benefits

If taken the right way, the Green Borneo Kratom has some really healthy effects on the body and general well-being. Here are some of Green Borneo Kratom benefits:

  • The first, of course, is the analgesic effect that the drug has on the body. While the analgesic effects of the Green Borneo might not be as strong as other older strains of Kratom, it still has a sizable effect on easing pain in the body. 
  • One of the primary characteristics of the Green Borneo is its ability to boost energy levels in the body of users. We’ve earlier spoken about the similarities that the Green Borneo has with caffeine and here’s one of the places where that similarity really shows. The Green Borneo strain of Kratom works just like a stronger version of coffee. Basically, the same rush that you feel after drinking two or three cups of coffee is what you’ll feel after using the drug. Unlike coffee products, the effects of the Borneo do not fade off after an hour or two. They generally last longer than normal, hence making your days more productive than normal.
  • Using the Green Borneo also contributes to better rate metabolism in your body. If you have problems with digestion, then the Green Borneo is the strain for you. It helps you to maintain a stable metabolic rate, and this helps your body absorb nutrient faster and dispose waste quicker too. 
  • The drug also has anxiolytic and nootropic effects. If you’re suffering from memory loss or you get distracted easily, then the Borneo is most definitely the right drug for you. The nootropic effects of the drug make it easier for you to focus on your job. It even helps in reducing anxiety.
  • If you’re suffering from an addiction or withdrawal from opioids, then the Green Borneo is  great for you. It has high 7-OHM content in its compounds and this makes it uniquely fitted to fight off opioids addiction

Green Borneo Kratom Dosage 

You can’t get anything worthwhile out of this strain if you don’t pay attention to the right Green Borneo Kratom dosage. The thing to note about Kratom is that there is no standard dosage— users generally have to find what works for them. 

The best way to do this is by starting at the lowest point and then working your way up. For example, starters only need to take about 1 or 2 grams. If you’ve gotten used to taking the herb but aren’t yet a casual user, you can take up to 4 grams. Casual users can take anything from 4 grams to 6 grams.

 Importantly, you should pay attention to your body. Yes, the Green Borneo Kratom is a safe non-addictive drug, but even the safest drugs can be lethal when taken excessively. Once you begin to feel adverse effects, you should immediately dial back on your dose. 

My Personal Review

The thing about Green Borneo Kratom is that it can be adulterated really easily, thereby losing its potency. So, to get the full benefits of the Green Borneo, you must make sure that you’re buying from the right dealer. 

You must also note that your physiology— size, rate of metabolism, mental and physical health state matters a lot and can actually have a big effect on how well the drug works for you. You should also always try to take the Green Borneo on an empty stomach. This helps the drug to be more effective. 

Green Borneo Kratom Alternatives 

If you don’t want to use the Green Borneo Kratom, there are other drugs that you could try out that give more or less the same benefits. One of such drugs is the Green Malay Kratom. The Malay strain offers a much higher euphoric feeling than the Green Borneo and it does that without leaving you heavily sedated. It is a very potent alternative to the Green Borneo Kratom.

Is It Worth Trying?

Definitely. I’ve used the Green Borneo Kratom before, and in my experience, it is one of the most potent strains of Kratom on the market. It is safe, effective and great for your health. It is a strain definitely worth checking out.