Green Maeng Da Kratom

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Green Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most popular strains of Kratom on the market. It has very high alkaloid content and is described by many to be the strongest green vein Kratom available. The Green Maeng is a topline alkaloid that is native to Thailand. 

The Maeng Da is a very ancient strain of Kratom and is one of the earliest strains to gain popularity outside Thailand. It is known by most Kratom users for its efficiency, medicinal benefits and potency. 

What is The Green Maeng Da Kratom? 

The Green Maeng Da Kratom is a strain of Kratom that is native to Thailand. As the name suggests, the  Green Maeng Da depicts calm and peace. Additionally, many believe that Maeng is the finest form of Kratom. That is, other strains are much less pure than the Maeng Da as they have been adulterated with other ingredients. 

In Thailand, the Maeng Da also acts as part of a  drink that locals present to their visitors. The drink is also consumed during festivities. Of course, this means that the locals who take the Maeng Da don’t just take it for medicinal purposes, they also took it for recreation.

In today’s world, Green Maeng Da is also used in the same way. One can take it strictly for the medicinal benefits that the drug provides, or one can take it for recreation. 

The Green in the name of the Green Maeng Da is gotten from its name. The colour of the powder is a deep green and can be easily distinguished from other strains of Kratom through this. 

Green Maeng Da Effects and Benefits

The Green Maeng Da has a lot of effects on the body, and some of them can be really beneficial. Let’s take at some of the Green Maeng Da benefits to see exactly why so many people are in love with this strain. 

  • The first effect of the Green Maeng Da on the body is one that is common to a few other green vein strains of Kratom. The Green Maeng helps to increase the focus and energy levels of users, and this, of course, increases their productivity. So if you’re in search of a Kratom strain to keep you focused, the Green Maeng Da may just be the right strain for you. 
  • If you’re a moody person and would like a natural remedy for that, then the Green Maeng Da has got you. The Maeng Da is known by users to have mood-improving qualities. It isn’t quite as powerful as opioids in changing your mood, but it is powerful enough to give make you euphoric without necessarily giving you the “high” gotten from opioid use. Most users of the drug have reported lifted moods after using the drug. 
  • The Maeng Da is also used by a substantial amount of people for its relaxing effects on people.  Although most people know the Maeng Da first and foremost as an energy-giving herb, it can also help you relax if used in the right quantities. If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety, then the Maeng Da is certain to make you relax. Perhaps you experience jitters or crankiness in the morning before your morning coffee? Then you can easily replace coffee with Kratom and receive a boost that lasts longer than the one given by caffeine. 
  • Pain relief is a benefit that almost all strains of Kratom share, and it is no different with the Green Maeng Da. While it doesn’t provide the best pain relief effects among Kratom strains, it can still be used for mild pain relief. If you don’t have something as strong as the Red Vein Bali to deal with your pain, then the Green Maeng Da could be just the right drug for you. 
  • In need of clarity of mind and focus? Then the Maeng Da is great for you. Many users have reported that they feel significant clarity of mind after using the drug. 
  • The Green Maeng Da can also work as an antidepressant in some people. While white strain Kratom is mostly known for its antidepressant properties, the Maeng Da can also be used as an alternative. 

Green Maeng Da Dosage 

Despite the fact that Kratom is just as safe a drug as any, you must be careful to use just the right Green Maeng Da dosage to get the best benefits out of the drug. 

The Green Maeng Da is a lot like caffeine and can be used in the same manner. Before we go into the recommended gram per day, it is important to note that for best results, do not use the Maeng Da before bed. The best time to use the drug is in the morning when you’re in need of the energy that the drug brings. 

For the most part, the Green Maeng Da doesn’t have a standardized recommended dosage, so you’ll have to find the dose that is right for you. You can do this by starting from the lowest point and working your way upwards. 

Starters should only use a gram or two, and casual users should not exceed four grams. More experienced users, however, can use up to 6 grams. You should have no need to exceed 6 grams of Maeng Da per day. That may prove to be counterproductive and can cause painful side effects. 

My Personal Review

What do I think of the Green Maeng Da? As someone who has used the drug before, I think it is a great substitute for caffeine. It even has a great taste when mixed with tea. All in all, it’s a great drug and, most importantly, it is safe and absolutely not addictive. 

Green Maeng Da Alternatives 

If the Green Maeng Da isn’t available or not to your liking, a good alternative that you can take is the White Maeng Da. It is generally just as effective, safe, and gives you just as much energy and the Green Maeng Da. 

Is It Worth Trying?

Is the Green Maeng Da Kratom worth trying? Well, I have tried it, and I can say that it is worth trying. It’s safe, increases your energy levels, keeps you focused, and helps you relax. What’s there not to like?