Kratom and Alcohol

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You are not going against your better judgment when you say that mixing alcohol and Kratom, or any drug is never a good idea.  In spite of that, there are people who will always challenge such notions, which can be good at times, but often you must assess the situation first by studying it.

Are Kratom and Alcohol a Good Mix?

In the case of combining Kratom and alcohol, you are simply playing devil’s advocate, which can cost you dearly if you push the envelope just a bit further.  Mind you, landing in a hospital ER is almost certain, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This article will hopefully enlighten you by giving you information on how each substance works and why combining them should not even cross your mind.


What you should know about Kratom when combined with Alcohol

You may have heard about Kratom being used recreationally, or as an alternative pain medication.  In the US, Kratom is legalized as a substance, but has not been approved for medical applications.  Several states of Arkansas, Alabama, Vermont, Wisconsin and Tennessee have banned its use.

Kratom comes from an evergreen tree that is cultivated in several Southeast Asian countries.  It has coffee plant affiliations and is being chewed raw starting in early times to relieve pain sufferers and cure diarrhea.  Kratom leaves are also consumed in powder form mixed with water to be drunk as tea, or manufactured into capsules.  The dried leaves can be smoked as another way of ingesting the substance.

Kratom affects people differently, which mostly depends on the intake dosage.  It is believed to be an effective stimulant when consumed in practically low amounts.  On the other hand, it can also sedate a person who is taking it at a higher dosage.  The euphoric and calming properties are made possible by the presence of several alkaloids such as 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.  Kratom is said to be a better alternative to morphine with its less negative side effects when utilized as a pain reliever.

While many users have sworn by its health benefits and being plant-based is perceived to be less harmful, there are no known clinical studies that prove such claims.  The things they say that Kratom can aid in pain management, enhance mood, assist in opiate withdrawal, among others,  are all based on individual stories and experiences and not on scientific findings.


How Kratom affects you

 There may be very few, if not, no existing research and experiment on the effects of using Kratom, let alone Kratom and alcohol.  However, there are observed consequences based on the dosage of this  substance.

  • Low dosage Kratom: Kratom taken orally using low dosage may decrease appetite that can help in weight management, and produces euphoric moods that will provide vibrant energy, mental focus, and sociable behavior.
  • Medium dosage Kratom: When you take Kratom in moderate dosage, it can help suppress coughing, reduce pain, and decrease withdrawal symptoms from opiate addiction.
  • High dosage Kratom: Large amounts of Kratom intake may result in extreme weight loss or anorexia, psychotic episodes, and skin hyperpigmentation.
  • Adverse effects of Kratom: Aside from the aforementioned consequences, Kratom can also cause tremors, decreased pupil size, constipation, nauseousness, vomiting, dizzy spells and impaired motor functions.  These side effects are similar to the ones experienced when taking opiates.


How there is real danger in Alcohol and Kratom combo

Alcohol is primarily a depressant, especially when consumed in large amounts.  As such, it disturbs one’s balance that can affect actions, feelings and thoughts because it temporarily restricts your nervous system’s functioning.  If left unchecked, even mental health may be impacted by alcohol.

We know that even if there are no definitive studies on the effects of combining Kratom and alcohol, considering that both substances have contradicting properties make them an unsuitable cocktail.  We have established that Kratom is both a sedative and a stimulant- to mix it with a depressant like alcohol is courting danger.  You can’t imagine how deadly the consequences can get when you play with Kratom and alcohol fire.


How to manage Kratom and alcohol

You must remember that even if you don’t mix Kratom and alcohol, there is real danger in abuse of any of such substances.  If you know someone who is in this dicey situation, or maybe you yourself are the one involved, don’t delay and call Recovery Village and get the help you need.


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