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Red Borneo Kratom has become my best friend in tackling anxiety. I am one of those people who rarely get bored with themselves. I get comfortable with people once I get to know them and we are on the same wavelength, but prior to that, I do not feel like spending time around strangers. Everything changed when I discovered this kratom strain as a better option to drugs and medication.

I used to take alternating treatments – two different types of pills in cycles – prescribed by my doctor. They did work, but their side effects took their toll on my lifestyle, so I desperately needed an alternative. This is when I discovered Red Borneo Kratom – a natural plant solution that is advertised to be an opioid, yet it is legal and widely sold around.

Kratom can be found everywhere, but as you dig deeper, you find lots of strains – I counted around 15 and there are probably more. They have similar properties, but also some particularities. I took my time finding the right kratom shop and luckily for me, the customer service representatives from TheGoldenMonk helped me find the right strain for my anxiety – Red Borneo.

Red Borneo Kratom might be the top strain on the market

The Red Borneo strain is among the best rated kratom strains on the market these days. It is excellent for relaxation and can annihilate anxiety with no side effects. The kratom strain can also work on associated problems like depression and the best part is it can do it without harming you on another side, like drugs.

You should not have any problems finding it because it is also accessible in price. Most people buy it for the good value for money, only to realize that it might actually be the hit.

On another note, the effects of kratom kick in relatively fast – personally, I lose stress within 15 minutes and feel less anxious within half an hour. I take it as needed, be it after work or to chill with friends.

I found Red Borneo in more forms, including pills, yet I recommend the kratom powder instead. You can sprinkle it over your food or mix it in a smoothie.

How I Found the Best Strain of Kratom

Some research will reveal plenty of strains of kratom. They might seem similar, but some are stronger than others regarding certain properties. The Red Borneo is a top choice due to balancing everything in the ideal proportions.

Any random strain of kratom could probably help, but I wanted the right one. Based on my research, there are multiple differences from one kratom strain to another, mostly in the intensity of effects. Red strains will provide calmness and relaxation against anxiety, but they will also tackle depression.

I researched the effects of the best strains on the market and choose with my needs in mind, as well as price efficiency. All my research led me in one direction – the Red Borneo strain.

Most merchants will not mention the kratom dose, as it varies from one user to another based on their needs. I got a precise answer from the staff from TheGoldenMonk based on what I needed though – perfect!

Pros of Taking Red Borneo Kratom

I had no idea whether the Red Borneo strain would work or not, being a first time user. However, nothing could be worse than the side effects of my anxiety pills, so I gave this katrom strain a shot. Effects properly kicked in after a few tries though.

Close to No Anxiety

The fear and discomfort around new people were my main issues with anxiety. I would come up with random scenarios in my mind – things that would never happen.

Things got worse with time. Later on, I figured I could not find a way to relax. It started affecting my sleep too. I slept for eight hours and felt like I barely slept for one. Drugging myself with anxiety medication was a way to control a problem (not even heal it) and cause five more – no way!

The first few Kratom doses came with mild effects, but I started feeling more relaxed and less worried after a few nights.

Better Moods

With negativity everywhere, I was also stressed and in a relatively bad mood. Things changed after the first smoothie with kratom powder mixed in. Honestly, I am not sure what caused this change. It could be the fact that it is advertised to work on your moods as well. It could also be the fact that I no longer feel anxious and stressed, so I am obviously happier with myself.

No matter what happened, I am happy to say that a kratom dose at the right time will work wonders.

No Side Effects

You will find detailed instructions on every box of Red Borneo Kratom – dosage recommendations, contraindications, tips and so on. Instructions are general. They can and will help out, but the customer service gave me more specific advice for my precise situation.

Follow the instructions and kratom will give no side effects. I tried other strains as well – Red Bali Kratom and White Dragon Kratom) and I experienced no side effects.

Cons of Taking the Red Borneo Strain

I had a good experience with this kratom store, whose customer service even advised me on the perfect kratom dose. Is there anything to complain about? Not really, yet some things could be better – nothing major though.

Limited Payment Options

I like paying by PayPal for protection, especially when I deal with a business for the first time. Well, this kratom shop does not provide this option. You can pay by electronic checks and any kind of card though. Based on reviews, I had enough confidence to place a first order and see what happens. I am a regular customer now, yet I am sure others are in the same situation regarding payment options.

Shipping Time

You got a few different shipping options for your kratom package. If you want your package earlier, you will pay more – common sense. I got the standard shipping – advertised to take two or three days. The package arrived on the fourth day – not that bad though.

I was not that desperate for my Red Borneo Kratom though, especially as a first time customer. However, make sure you do not depend on it if you run low and just order your kratom package a bit earlier.


In the end, Red Borneo Kratom did change my life. So long anxiety, stress and nervousness. It changed me and my life as well. Taking the right kratom strain on a regular basis can change a struggling individual’s perception of life.

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