Red Gold Kratom

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Red gold kratom is one of the most potent kratom strains available. Red vein gold kratom may sound like a confusing leaf because in the real sense the colour is not gold; it is a red vein kratom strain. Red veined gold kratom is also referred to as ‘super red gold kratom’. It has its name coined like that because of its unique and sacred method of drying. 

Red gold is one of the most sorts after kratom strain because of its potency as a result of high alkaloid concentration. 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine which are the principal alkaloids in kratom are abundant in red gold, influencing its potency, that is why the prefix ‘super’ is often attached to its name. The leaf of super red gold is finely processed into powder or capsule.

What Is Red gold Kratom?

The name ‘super red gold kratom’ is a specific fit for this strain of kratom because of its potency and unique procedure of its processing. The gold designation in its name is actually because of the yellowish tint of the powder after processing. Although the leaf itself has red vein and the powder produced from it is expected to take the same colour but the yellow colour it takes is as a result of the specific type of drying (oxidation).

The unique processing procedure of red veined also influence its effect and strengthen its potency. Red gold can be made from readily available ruby red stains. Red gold kratom is similar to the red Bali, but it gives a more intense feeling than the later because of its overall processing and duration needed to get dried. 

Red Gold Kratom Effect And Benefits

The effects of red gold kratom is intense because of its high concentration of alkaloids and the processing procedure. As a result of the intense effect, it is advisable for users to be cautious and sensitive to their body’s reaction to its effect. Red gold benefits are numerous and amazing. Here is a list of benefits you can expect from this strain of kratom.

  • Relaxation and calmness: you can consider taking a moderate dose of red gold kratom after a long stressful day. The effect of this powder can help you relax and remain calm.
  • Potent Analgesic: this strain of kratom has high alkaloid content, thus they will deliver sedative impact on users, especially those that are struggling with pain. However, it is not advisable to take very high dose for the sake of instant pain relief. Always remember that the effect of red vein takes time to kick in, so don’t rush the dose.
  • Euphoria: The feeling delivered by this strain on high dose is often referred to as rapture, and it  can give you a euphoric feeling. Although it is not as intense as the one given by opioids, but it is one of the strongest known natural euphoria.

Red Gold Kratom Dosage

Because of the high concentration and intense effect of red gold, it is advisable to pay attention to how your body reacts to varying dosage level. This herbs can be available as red gold capsule or in the powdery form. Regardless of the form you are taking, it is important to follow the recommended red gold kratom dosage for you to obtain the best possible results. 

A lower dose of about 1-2 grams is recommended for beginners. This lower dose will help them feel comfortable with its effects. Experienced users can maintain a dosage range of 2.5-4.5 grams. They can find where their body is most comfortable with around this region. Likewise, expert users and those that have high tolerance for kratom can take up to 7 grams, but nothing more. It is not advisable for anybody to take a dosage higher than 7 grams in order to avoid unwanted side effects.

If your red gold kratom dosage is way higher than what your body can tolerate, it can trigger some counter effect contrary to what you expect. For instance, instead of feeling relaxed, you might feel nauseous, irritable or overly stimulated.

My Personal View 

Red vein gold kratom is one of the best kratom I have ever tried. I get a fair share of stress because of the nature of my job, but a moderate dose of this kratom strain usually help me relax without being addicted. In fact, if you are battling with opioid and you want to kick it, try using red gold kratom. It can give you a near feeling without addictive tendencies.

Although the experience with red gold kratom is subjective, but the overall review from users including my personal view has been great. Red veined gold is effective and it is capable of giving you the exact of feeling that you want. 

Red gold Alternative

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of red gold kratom, but in its absence or it is not so prominent in your case, some other strains of kratom can serve as a suitable alternative. You can consider Red Vietnam or Red Khali as an alternative for pain relief. Likewise, Red Hulu and Red Malay can help you manage anxiety perfectly. 

Is It Worth Trying?

The effect of red vein gold kratom is amazing and it can give you a unique experience. If you have never tried it, an experience with red gold kratom is worth it. Just make sure you are using a premium quality red gold kratom and brace yourself for a remarkable soothing and amazing experience.