Red Horn Kratom

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Red horn red-veined kratom is one of the rarest strains of kratom and it is a distinct branch of kratom family. The name is given to this strain is as a result of the leaf tips that looks like a horn. The horned tip is similar to Maeng Da, while the lower part of the leaf look like that of red indo strain.

The red horn strain is rare because it is difficult to cultivate and it is highly selective in its environmental demand. However, red-veined horn kratom is native to Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo and other south Asian countries.  The growth of red horn kratom is very limited, hence it is not readily available. 

Although red horn has a high market value because of its benefits and effects, but the supply is very limited. Only leaves from matured kratom trees are harvested, and this leaves does not mix with other types of leaves. In fact, few occasions the leaves are usually pre-traded before harvest.

What Is Red Horn Kratom? 

Red horn kratom is a relatively scarce strain of kratom because of the difficulty in its cultivation when compared to other strains of kratom. It is a potent strain of kratom that contains high amount of alkaloids. It gives a very strong and long lasting effect. Red horn has a startling red colour that makes it distinct from other strains of kratom.

Red horn is called the “unpredictable strain” because it has varying effects in different users. Its effect can be either fast, slow or average depending on individual user. This strain is known to have a high concentration of vital alkaloids. Just like the various strains of kratom, red horn contains both 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, but 7-hydroxymitragnine is the dominant alkaloid. 

Consumption of red horn kratom has the ability to boost the overall quality of life of its users. It also possesses sedative and mood lifting properties that is unique. Although it is very scarce, it can still be available in capsules or powder.

Red Horn Kratom Effects and Benefits 

Red horn kratom is a classic and unique strain in many respects. Its effect can also be very unpredictable because it varies in individuals, it effect could be fast, slow or average. However, red horn is extremely potent and its benefits are amazing and unique, making it one of the most demanded kratom strains despite is scarcity. Here some effects and benefits of red horn kratom;

  • The effect of red horn kratom can provide users with mental and physical energy boost. It is also ideal for enhancing physical and mental relaxation.
  • It can serve as analgesia that provide users with chronic pain relief. It does this pain relief duty without producing feelings of excessive euphoria or inebriation.
  • It can also produce a mood lifting effect and enhance the mood of users. Likewise, red horn can act as a relaxant that helps to relax the muscles of the body. It can also provide soothing effect for stressed body.
  • Also, red horn kratom is a good take for those with sleep disorders. It acts as a sedative for those that encounter difficulty in sleeping.

Red Horn Kratom Dosage.

Like I said earlier, the effect of red vein horn kratom varies with individual users therefore it is important to approach red horn kratom dosage with caution, particularly for first time users. The effect of red horn is largely dependent on the dose you take. This herb is available as red horn capsule or powder. 

Correct dosage of red horn can be dependent on factors like your metabolic rate, whether your stomach is full or empty, and your psychological state. The dosage can also be dependent on what you want. At high dosage, its major effect can be increased energy, enthusiasm with some calmness and relief. 

On a general term based on users experience, dosage ranges from beginners dose to strong dose. For beginners, the recommended dose is between 1-2 grams which can be upgraded to the moderate dose after a while depending on the body’s response. The moderate dose recommended for experienced users is between 2-4 grams. The strong dose is between 4-6 grams and it is only recommended for highly experienced users with high tolerant body. 

My Personal View

Although red vein horn kratom is scarce, but the stress of getting it is always worth it because of its potency, amazing and soothing effect. Red horn kratom can be an amazing option for analgesia and body relaxation. 

Considering the fact that the effect varies in individuals, I will advise you pay cautious attention to the dosage level. Pay attention to your body’s response to each dosage. For beginners, it is advisable to begin with lower dosage before moving up gradually. 

Similarly, it is important to pay attention to the quality of product you intend to use. The effect of red-veined horn kratom is generally influenced by the quality of the product and its origin. 

Red Horn Alternative

Red horn kratom has some alternatives. In fact, its scarcity made it a necessity to find alternative. Red kratom, white kratom, and green kratom are the common alternatives for red horn kratom. Red kratom also help promote relaxation, boss energy, as well as relieving anxiety and pain.

Likewise, white kratom promotes energy and enthusiasm and can also give euphoric feeling at high dosage. It is also capable of inducing mental and physical focus while boosting energy. However, it doesn’t produce much relaxation and pain relief.

Similarly, green kratom seems to be a milder version of red kratom. It is excellent for energy boosting but not so effective for relaxation and pain relief. Overall, these other strains of kratom might not be perfect replacement for red horn kratom, but they can always serve as an alternative.

Is It Worth Trying?

Red vein horn kratom is widely known for its potency and effectiveness. Although it is scarce and expensive, but the numerous benefits gotten from red horn kratom is worth it. You should consider trying red horn kratom. However, it is important you ensure you are getting a premium quality red horn kratom if you want to try it out in order for you to get near perfect results.


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