Red Indo Kratom

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Red Indo Kratom
Red indo kratom is a long lasting, pain killing, and slow burn strain of kratom. It is also known as red vein indo kratom by many, and it is made from the kratom plant. The plantation of kratom is influenced by rainfall, humidity, and sunlight. The ideal conditions of these factors in Indonesia makes it one of the best locations to grow kratom. In fact, Indonesia is currently the largest exporter of kratom, and it is also where the oldest and most potent Mitragyna speciosa trees are grown.

The pleasant climatic conditions of Indonesia has supported the cultivation of kratom, hence the production of red indo. A lot of people and companies in Indonesia have mastered the processes involved in the cultivation, harvest, and drying of the leaves to produce red indo kratom. 

Indo kratom is  generally produced in several forms and they have a lot of uses and benefits. Although there are a variety of indo kratom, including white, green and red kratom but here we will focus on one of the highly demanded strains which is the red vein indo kratom.

What Is Red Vein Indo Kratom?

The name ‘red vein indo kratom’ is as a result of the distinct red veins that can be noticed in this specie of kratom. Red vein indo kratom is a strain that is gotten from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, a plant that is native to the old forest of Indonesia. It is highly produced in the region because of the favourable climate of planting, processing and drying.

The leaves of this plant is characterised by a red hue which is visible even in the small netted veins. The red tinge is even more evident when the leaves are dried and processed into powdery form. Red indo is also characterised by a higher level of mitragynine when compared to the other strains of kratom. It is one of the most demanded kratom strains because of its sedating nature that is capable of relieving stress, tension, depression, anxiety, and other related conditions. It can also be mood-lifting and can make relaxation more pleasant.

However, the specific region where kratom is grown can affect the quality of the plant, and consequently affect the quality of the red indo produced from it. The best products are gotten from matured leaves that contains a very high alkaloid content.

Red Indo Kratom Effects and Benefits.  

Red indo kratom offers a variety of benefits and the effects are pleasant as well. Although it is common knowledge that the effect of red indo kratom is not instant, it takes a while to kick in, but the effect can be amazingly soothing once it kick starts it effect. Even though the effect can be subjective and varies with individual, but there are some general red indo benefits and effects which include:

  • It is suitable for pain relief and relaxation of muscular tension. 
  • Red indo is also useful for relieving tension, anxiety and stress. It can also help users concentrate by increasing focus.
  • It is also a good choice because it has no addictive qualities unlike other pain medications. Likewise, it doesn’t cause total lethargy, thus, it doesn’t affect or interfere with user’s daily activities. It also performs its activities without pain or aches.
  • Red indo can also provide opiate withdrawal relief and also help you to get good sleep.
  • The use of red indo kratom might however be accompanied by mild side effects like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and double vision. There are also rare cases of restlessness and anxiety. This is however attributed to excessive consumption or high dosage of red indo kratom. 

Nevertheless, these effects varies with individuals. Thus, it is advisable to take the product as recommended.

Red Indo Kratom Dosage. 

Like every other herbs or medication, there is a need to follow precise recommended red indo kratom dosage. It is especially important to be careful with dosage if you are taking red vein indo kratom for the first time. It is advisable for first time users to start with a lower dosage, but can be increased over time. 

Based on experience and survey from various users, you can start feeling the effect of red indo by taking 1-2 grams. This dose is also suitable for the first time users of this product. You can increase the dosage of red indo kratom with 500mg in subsequent times.

Similarly, for experienced users, the optimum dose of red indo capsules or leaf powder ranges from 3 to 5 grams. However, those with high kratom tolerance can take up to 8 grams which is the highest recommended dose. It is not advisable for any user to take more than 8 grams to avoid experiencing unwanted side effects.  It is also advisable to take red indo kratom with caution and pay attention to the way your body reacts to the dose. You might have to increase or reduce it.

My Personal View

My experience with red vein indo has being a great one with no regrets. I can say it is one of the best strains for those who want to relax, stay focused and have great soothing experience.  Although it takes about 1 or 2 hours for the effects to kick in, but it is very potent for pain relief once the effects fully starts. 

Red indo kratom doesn’t make me completely lethargic, and other users have testified to it as well. I prefer red indo strain because it does not have addictive activities and does not have extreme side effects.

Overall, the effect of red vein indo is amazing and pleasant. It has almost all the positive features everybody seek in herbs, and that is why it is my top choice for pain relief and relaxation.

Red Indo Alternative.

There are other popular strains of red vein kratom that provides alternatives to red indo kratom. Although each of them have unique profiles, they still have high level of similarities that can make the serve as alternatives.

The most common red indo alternatives are red bali & borneo, red thai, red vein maeng Da. The strongest alternative is the red bali & borneo because it also produces good analgesia sedation, and also help in retaining focus until it gets extreme.

Is It Worth Trying?

The soothing and relieving effects of red vein indo kratom can help you relax and stay focused. This herb is worth trying because it doesn’t have addictive tendencies unlike other over the counter pain medications. It is however important to make use of premium quality red indo for you to have the best experience and enjoy the amazing effect.