Red Riau Kratom

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Red Riau Kratom is a new strain of Kratom that can be found in the Riau province of Thailand. Found mostly in the southeastern coast of Sumatra, the Red Riau used to be called the Sumatra Kratom but has since gotten a new name. This strain of Kratom has a lot of great healing benefits and as such has proven to be really popular among Kratom users.

What Is Red Riau Kratom?

The Red Riau Kratom is a strain of Kratom that is majorly found in the Southeast Asian country of Thailand. The Red Riau grows primarily in the rain forests of Riau. Leaves from the wild trees that produce the strain are collected, dried and ground into fine powder after passing through complex processes. 

The Red Riau is a strain of Kratom that has a lot of similarities with other strains of Kratom that grow in the area. However, certain qualities, like the smoothness of the powder, make the strain distinguishable to regular users.

Red Riau Kratom Effects And Benefits

Let’s take a look at the effects of the Red Riau Kratom. How would it make you feel? What are the benefits of the Red Riau Kratom? Well, the strain is mainly useful for the following purposes. 

  • One of the most common uses of the strain is as an Analgesic drug. Relief from chronic pain is probably one of the best qualities of the Red Riau Kratom. This is partly because the strain has a high concentration of Important alkaloids that are quite effective against pain. If you plan on using the strain for pain relief, you should probably use more than a daily dosage of two grams. Unlike other herbs/drugs, this strain of Kratom works on pain without producing any feeling of excessive euphoria or “high”. 
  • If your goal is to get high or improve your mood, you can also use the strain. However, you must be careful. It has diverse effects on users, and as such, you should approach your usage of the drug in this manner with caution. 
  • The drug could also be used as a relaxant. It is very potent when used to soothe stressed minds and bodies. A lot of users have reported that the drug is fast and works very well in relieving stress.
  • The strain could also be used as a sedative for people who are suffering from insomnia. The strain is a pretty good sedative and people with mild to serious disorders may find that the herb would ensure a sound sleep every night. 

Red Riau Kratom Dosage

To have the best results, you need to take the correct Red Riau Kratom dosage. However, your dose largely depends on your size, rate of metabolism, and need. For the most part, your dosage of Kratom is a very personal thing. It wholly depends on your physiology and what you want to use the drug for at that moment. 

Thus, in general, I would suggest that you work your way upwards. It should also be noted that the powder form of the strain is far more potent than the Red Riau Kratom capsules. 

To get the best dosage for you, you need to start at the beginning and then work your way upwards. For example, beginners should only use up to 2grams. For a moderate to full effect, you should only use about 2-4 grams and for a strong dose, you should go for 4-6. You should only use more than 6 grams of you feel that lower doses aren’t working for you. 

My Personal Review

So, what do I think? Here’s my Red Riau Kratom review. The most important thing that you should know about Kratom is that its use can be really subjective. That means that the effects it has on others may not necessarily be the effects it’ll have on you. 

However, you can circumvent this thorny aspect of the Red Riau Kratom by starting your dose at lower dosages to figure out what works for you. Overall it’s a good drug and it works excellently.

Red Riau Kratom Alternatives

If the Red Riau Kratom proves too much for you, there are always alternatives that you are welcome to try. One of such alternatives is the Red Thai Kratom. It matches the power of the Red Riau and is great for mood enhancement. The Red Thai is mostly for people who want minor pain relief and would like to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Is It Worth Trying?

The Red Riau Kratom is absolutely worth trying. It is safe, potent and great for your health. What’s more? It is great for pain relief, mood enhancement and can also be used as a sedative. It is a strain definitely worth looking at.