Red Sunda Kratom

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The Red Sunda Kratom has sort of developed a  reputation for being one of the mellower (mellower here certainly doesn’t mean weaker— Red vein Kratoms are usually more potent than other strains  Kratom strains) strains of Kratom. But has that reputation been earned or is it just cheap talk?

 The Red Sunda is a type of Kratom that is often found in the Sunda Islands (that’s why it is called the Red “Sunda”) in the Malay Archipelago. The Red Sunda is a very healthy tree and grows very tall indeed because of the vast landscape of the Sunda landscape and its biodiversity. 

What is Red Sunda Kratom? 

The Red Sunda Kratom is a red-veined Kratom strain from the Sunda Islands. It is a strain of Kratom that is more suited to relaxation than all other Red strains. It is super sedative, and if you’re one who likes to just relax, the Red Sunda Kratom is just the best strain for you. 

However, because of deforestation and air pollution, the Red Sunda is becoming a very rare strain. This is because it is getting extremely difficult to properly find the leaves and plant the trees in the right places. But with the scarcity of the Red Sunda comes another consequence— it has become quite expensive and may well be one of the most expensive strains of Red Vein Kratom.

Red Sunda Kratom Effects and Benefits

Why should you use Red Sunda Kratom? Good question. Well, the Red Sunda has some really amazing benefits that you may be interested in. Let’s check them out. 

  • Like I’ve said earlier, the Red Sunda is probably the most sedating strain of Kratom that you can find anywhere. If you just want to lay back and relax at the beach, on a couch or anywhere you don’t have any need to be active, then the Red Sunda Kratom is your plug for sure. In fact, this is the number one reason why most people use the Red Sunda at all. It absolutely the most relaxing red vein strain on the market. 
  • However, the Red Sunda isn’t just for relaxation. It also performs the basics of Kratom as well. It is great for pain relief and if you’re suffering from painful illnesses, the Red Sunda can be an excellent coping mechanism. 
  • Users of the Red Sunda may experience some feeling of euphoria like are experienced with opioids. The only differences, perhaps, is that the Red Sunda is safe, not addictive and produces a far weaker “high” than the one gotten from opioids. 

Red Sunda Kratom Dosage

You can only get the best out of the Red Vein if you use the right Red Sunda dosage. Luckily, the dose of Kratom strains does not vary significantly from each other. 

There are only a few general rules you should know before going into the drug. The first, and perhaps the most important, is that you should start with only a little. If it’s your first time taking the Red Sunda, you shouldn’t take more than one gram or two. And even if you’ve been taking the Red Sunda for a while, you should not exceed eight grams. 

Another important thing to note is that all strains of Kratom are more potent in powdered form than they are in capsules. 

My Personal Review

I have used the Red Sunda a few times (although, admittedly, I have never actually bought the strain. I often just end up with some who has a few extra grams to share) and I can remember that I was absolutely blown away by its relaxing effects.

I’m not one for hard work, so I often act like a couch potato, so this strain was just perfect for a lazy afternoon watching some cartoons— and yes, I do watch cartoons, thank you. The feeling of peace was amazing and it’s an experience that I don’t think I’ll forget in a hurry.

Unfortunately, since then, I haven’t been able to get my hands on the strain. 

Red Sunda Alternatives 

If you cannot lay your hands on the Red Sunda Kratom (which is a really likely scenario seeing as the strain is pretty scarce, and as such, it can be pretty expensive), you’ll need an alternative. While all red strain Kratom can act like the Red Sunda to a reasonable extent, they cannot be the Red Sunda. 

However, the one strain that I believe is quite close to the Red Sunda is the Red Riau. I often recommend the Red Riau because it’s a strain I use regularly and it is one of the most well-rounded strain of Kratom on the market. It has just a bit of everything. 

Is It Worth Trying?

Let’s put it this way: If your vendor ever has Red Sunda available, you should buy it and ask questions later. The Red Sunda Kratom is great is safe, has great health benefits, not addictive and great if you just want to relax. Is it worth trying? Certainly. In fact, If you find a vendor with a lot in store, don’t hesitate to contact me.