SoCal Kratom Review

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What is SoCal Kratom? Complete review

Kratom is fast becoming one of the most sought-after herbal variants which have converted many individuals into believers.  Thanks to the proliferation of kratom vendors through online and physical stores alike, it has become very accessible to the public.

And just like any Kratom strain, SoCal Kratom comes from a tropical tree called Mitragyna Speciosa found in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The leaves from this tree are the ones being used for a good number of medicinal properties.  They are usually crushed and turned into different forms of substances.  They are believed to be excellent remedies for lack of energy, stress, and anxiety, considering their euphoric and analgesic benefits.

While the psychoactive elements present in Kratom prove useful for those who need addiction treatment for drug substances such as morphine and heroin,  there is an ongoing debate on Kratom’s safe consumption.

As such, the FDA has not approved its health claims due to lack of scientific findings, so medical application remains on the discretion of the user. Kratom may be legal, but is currently unregulated as well, so one has to be wary of Kratom products being sold in the market.

SoCal Kratom, the same as Herbal Salvation Kratom and many more, comes from the Bali strain which has alkaloids that look like the ones found in opiates and morphine.  And for that reason, it can relieve pain for those who suffer from arthritis, sore joints, and similar issues.

The cons of SoCal Kratom Review

With the health wonders of SoCal Kratom come to the unfortunate side effects, which may apply to all strains of Kratom.  These include agitated state, insomnia, aggressive behavior, depressive moods, delusional episodes, nervous tendencies, hallucinatory visions, constipated bowel movement, frequent vomiting, nauseousness, and tremors.

Given these overwhelming symptoms which are most likely to manifest when there is abuse in the usage of Kratom, it is deemed unsafe according to FDA commissioner Melinda Plaisier.  Plaisier is working on the eventual restriction of the substance by warning the general public against Kratom use for starters.

Review of SoCal Kratom Recent product confiscations

The FDA had been on alert with the influx of Kratom products in the US market.  As such, about 500 boxes of Kratom were seized in California from Rosefield Management Inc., which are being sold under their sales channel Wholesale Shamanic Herbs.  Kratom was being promoted as disease treatment and preventive medication, hence the product seizure. That’s why we reccomand to buy Kratom only from trusted sellers as SoCal or Gaia Kratom.

What’s next for SoCal Kratom

At the moment, kratom remains legally available in the US, but without approved therapeutic claims.  So we leave it up to you, after reading our SoCal Kratom review, to decide on whether to use Kratom or not for your purpose.

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